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Zbog svog dodira s materijalnom prirodom živo biće u materijalnoj prirodi slijedi puteve života, uživajući u tri gune materijalne prirode. Tako nailazi na dobro i zlo u raznim vrstama života.
-- Bhagavad-gita 13.22 --
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Vrsabha d. SKS - Oglas, objavljeno: Pet, 06.04.18. 07:00

Dođite u Estoniju

Dear Devotees! Please accept my humble obeisances.
My name is Damodara-kripa das. I am from ISKCON Tallinn temple. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia.
We are inviting you to serve in the wonderful temple Sri Harinam Mandir of Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Caitanya Candra and Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra Devi. This temple is led by the community council of congregation members and brahmacharis. We are eager to develop and maintain preaching (distribution of books, prasadam; Harinama Sankirtana, student preaching, lectures and other programs), and also to improve Deity worship and service to the vaishnavas. We have some devotee8щs for this, but we are looking for more devotees to join us, who want to dedicate themselves to these services and to the expansion of Srila Prabhupada’s mission in general.
Our temple is very unusual. Colourfully painted very beautiful temple room is one of the biggest in Europe. The temple itself will look more gorgeous after finishing the repairing works outside. There are separate rooms both for prabhus and for matajis. Temple is located in the centre of Tallinn. To distribute books or make Harinama Sankirtana, one just needs to go out from the temple some metres. Also it is very convenient for guests and devotees, who can quickly and promptly reach the temple from any part of the city. We are trying to maintain a family atmosphere. We are always glad to see every devotee and guest, and we are trying our best to give adequate attention to them.
Our devotees are deep and sincere, we have delicious Prasadam (usually made on ghii), charming and very merciful Deities. Probably you heard about Harinama sankirtana bus of the wonderful devotee Ananda Vardhana prabhu and about how Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra Devi interact with Their servants? If you didn’t, then more details can be found here: http://oldharimandir.hosting.guru/?page_id=692
Already for 7 years Kirtana Mela festival is held in our temple, where for 3 days devotees chant the Holy Names. Up to 180 people from Russia, Sweden, Finland, Baltic States and other countries are gathering together!
Thus we are inviting and welcoming sincere devotees, who want to grow spiritually, do service and help in preaching. If you are ready at least temporarily to fully dedicate yourself to the service in Tallinn (brahmachari/prabhu/mataji/married couple), then we can support you in every way. Also we can make agreement about other forms of interaction, for example part-time engagement. We are ready to help you with a visa and/or residence permit. In special cases, we can provide financial support and pay for your travel expenses.
It is very important for us, that devotees would be happy in the service of the Lord, that’s why we will try to render all possible care and support, and also provide/organize suitable conditions for those, who would want to serve in our temple.
Short conclusion about the service that we offer:
1.       Deity worship (Pujari) – offered to devotees with at least 1st initiation
2.       Prasadam cooking (Cook) – offered to devotees with at least pranama-mantra
3.       Book distribution
4.       Harinams
5.       Prasadam distribution
6.       Help with the development of the temple, preaching and yatra in whole (management, directions/ideas and responsibility for their implementation)
7.       Preaching in Russian/English (universities, schools, youth and other organizations)
8.       Devotee care (personal example, organisation of events, development of relations, counselling)
9.       Work in the IT field (development and maintenance of the website, preaching in the internet and so on)
Please note: Although presently we have local devotees, who are doing these services, we think, that if there will be more different devotees in our temple, that will help us a great deal in preaching and development of the Sankirtana mission of Lord Caitanya. If you are interested, please let me know.

Your servant, Damodara-kripa das
Phone number: +37258588559            
Email: dadf@mail.ru               
Temple webpage:  http://www.tempel.ee
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