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Srbija - Pozivnica HH Sacinandane Swamija za kamp na Fruškoj Gori


Sacinandana Swami's invitation

My dear devotees from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and all of you who consider visiting the Goranga Camp in Serbia (1st-9th July 2017)

On behalf of the organisation, it is my special honour to invite you all to this year’s Goranga Camp summer camp in the idyllic hills of Fruska Gora.

Nowadays there are many so inspiring retreats, summer camps and other Krsna Conscious events all over the world – what makes this camp special you might ask?
The Goranga camp has developed over the years into a very nourishing event – because of the variety of spiritual experiences such as ecstatic kirtans, insightful lectures by senior devotees, seminars on a wide range of Krsna Conscious subjects, enlivening devotee association, initiations, special guests, cultural evenings, the daily Fruska Goranga TV news, even a well organised children camp, ecstatic Ratha Yatra…the list goes on.

An additional and maybe most important feature however is the world famous hospitality of the Serbian devotees, the special Serbian charm with the simple facilities, the location in the midst of the forest…

Important News – different type

We have heard from reliable sources that this might well be the last time we will have the Goranga Camp in this old location because the Serbian government has finally organised funds and plan to turn this place into a resort. That will require years of tearing down the old structure and building new and bigger facilities in their place. Who knows when these works will be completed and what the new rental prices will be…let’s therefore take full advantage of the old place we love and know…

There is however one other very special reason why we think that all of you who read this invitation letter should come: If many devotees congregate to celebrate Krsna the Lord will come. And if they are likeminded – they will form a bond that nourishes them for a long time.

In the association of many devotees, who glorify the Lord – Krsna will certainly become attracted, enter the heart, clear whatever obstacles are still there and instil wisdom and devotion in its place.

Please make it therefore a point to come in big numbers and give us the pleasure of your association. Let us use this unique opportunity for sadhu sanga (association amongst devotees), nama kirtan (chanting the Holy Name), bhagavat sravana (relishing the topics of the Bhagavatam), etc…It will enthuse and recharge all of us for many days to come.

Wishing you all the best and lots of spiritual strength and hoping to see you at the summer camp.
Your humble servant on behalf of the organisation team

Sacinandana Swami

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