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14. Vaisnava Summer festival

Beginning - 26.6.2010. (Saturday, from lunch)
End 03.7.2010. (Saturday, morning prasadam)
Location: AC Klenovica near Novi Vinodolski (30 km southeast of Rijeka).

Hare Krsna dear Devotees.

I would like to inform you that this year's Croatian Vaisnava summer festival will take place from 26 June untill 3 July 2010. in the AC Klenovica near Novi Vinodolski.

You can get more information about the place and accommodation quality, and view photos of accommodation and beaches etc. at:


Lecturers who have confirmed their arrival:

  • HH Bir Krsna Goswami
  • HG Krsna-ksetra Prabhu
  • HG Vayasaki Prabhu
  • HG Urmila Prabhvi

Temple room (for seminars, lectures, kirtans, cultural programme...) this year will be in a building and it is cca 170m2 big. There will also be a big equipped kitchen (ca 100m2) as well as special room that could be used as a playroom for children (ca 60m2).

Important to say is that the sea in Klenovica is crystal clear and the beach is big and nicely taken care of.


Prices of accommodation within the camp are discounted specialy for our group.

The guests can camp on three plateaus for tents and caravans, right next to the
shore and the beach. Furthermore, 80 bungalows could be used - they are
two-bedroom with a living room, kitchen and toilets (4 + 1), and also about
15 rooms with 4 or 5 beds each. The guests have a big toilet block at their
disposal, with 18 shower stalls and 18 toilets for men and the same number
for women. Also, there is a possbility of staying in a hotel owned by the owner
of the camp, some hundreds meters away, or in many of the rooms in the private accomodation near the camp.

Prices below are given per person per day (unless they are marked especially).
PDV is accounted in all the prices.

1. Tent

- adult 32,50 kn
- child from 12 to 18 years 30,25 kn
- child from 7 to 12 years 18,00 kn

- tent space without a car or additional tent 20,00 kn
- tent + car space 41,00 kn
- additional car 20,00 kn
- motorbike 17,50 kn
- electrical connection 25,00 kn

Additional fees are:
Residence fee: 7,00 kn
Insurance: 1,10 kn
Registration fee: 7,00 kn

2. Mobile house (accommodation for 4 + 1 persons)

The house contains: two separate rooms, living room with kitchen, sanitary
facility and AC.

Price: 59,50 EUR/per house

Car is figured into the price. The price does not include the use of the air
conditioner. It is charged separately

Additional fees are:
Residence fee: 7,00 kn
Insurance: 1,10 kn
Registration fee: 7,00 kn

3. Rooms (three or four beds):

The room contains: three or four beds, sanitary facility and refrigerator.
Car is accounted into the price.

Prices depend on the position of the room:

With a view of the sea 13,00 EURO
Central part 11,00 EURO
North part, view of the camp 12,00 EUR

Accommodation for children
- up to 7 years old - free of charge
- child 7 to 12 years - 50 % of the price
- child 12 years or older - 100 % of the price

For a room to be booked, there must be at least two adults with a child,
several children or three adults (if they do not have children).

Additional fees are:
Residence fee: 7,00 kn
Insurance: 1,10 kn
Registration fee: 7,00 kn

- bedding - 6,00 EUR per person, weekly; prior notification is necessary at
reservation. There is a possibility of bringing one's own bedding.

Those staying outside the camp need to pay 20 kn daily at the reception in
case they want to enter the camp with their car.

All our guests within the group pay a festival fee of 30 kn per day, or 200
kn (in case the entire amount is covered at one time). In this way we ensure
a discount for the group for accommodation as well as unlimited access to
seminars, that is the facilities we use for our exclusive needs.


- children younger than 18 years do not pay the festival fee

For rezervations and any other information about accomodation please

Tadgata devi dasi
+385 (0)91 5425858

On the behalf of the organizational team, your servant
Tadgata devi dasi

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